Warrior Links was founded in the spring of 2017. Coach Gary Newsome of Warrior Hoops Inc. and Micah Blosser of Warrior Links wanted to create more opportunities for the youth of Kansas City, and so Warrior Links was born.

Warrior Links emphasizes a faith-based lifestyle, requires a minimum GPA of 2.5, teaches leadership and/or life-skills, and stresses the hardcore fundamentals of golf.  We teach our participants respect and appreciation for God, their parents, our country, the game of golf, and themselves.  We encourage the development of leadership principles and create an environment that fosters a strong work ethic both on and off the course.  We want our participants to impact their peers and their communities through strong positive influence reflecting traditional core values.


Warrior Links exists to develop youth in character and spiritual strength through a systemized focus on keeping one’s life in the proper order.  Placement in an environment which maximizes development in (5) core objectives:
GOD (Pray daily, Read the Bible daily, Build a relationship with Jesus Christ)
FAMILY (Thankfulness for members and an appreciation for their differences)
SCHOOL (Responsibility for staying on top of grades, Plan for your future)
YOU (Be who you are, Stand up for what you believe in, Be true to yourself)
GOLF (Become a student of the game, Perfect your game).
This allows our core objectives to be partnered with the teaching of the fundamentals of golf and disciplined team play.  Finally, forging these principals into the hearts and minds of our youth, thus preparing them and creating greater opportunities for their future.


Warrior Links is a faith-based youth golf organization.  It promotes golf as the principal vehicle to help youth realize their GOD-given potential.  Our youth are exhorted to reach for the stars due to our teaching the fundamentals of golf, developing their innate leadership skills, mentoring respect for self/others, and fostering accountability to GOD, self and others.  It is impossible for anyone who is looking forward and upward to contemplate past distresses, deficiencies and disappointments.  This progressive thinking places our participants on a systematized path of not only being a great team of golfers but more significantly, being well rounded assets in the homes, schools, jobs and communities where GOD has placed them.